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Elbusta 6.0 + Sources !
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30 de diciembre de 2018, 11:22:09 am
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  • Deep
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Hello everyone.

I am known in the communities as Deep, I am Brazilian and Dev JAVA. Today my walk through the Dofus comes to an end.

I'm quitting working with Dofus and i want to leave a gift for the whole community.

That Dofus servers 1.29 come again, I count on the collaboration of all not to let the community die.

At the beginning of last year I bought the sources of elbusta for 500 eur.

And today I come to share the sources that I bought.

in sources have:

-- Emulator + Sources

-- Core + Sources

-- SWF Encrypt and Jar Encrypt.

Since I bought the emulator I have been correcting all the errors, improving AI, among other things and add new systems, and I solved stability problems..

But my private version I can not share because I sold her to the RAGNAR owner of ASGARD.

The current asgard emulator is my private version.

If anyone is interested in buying, just talk to me, i do not charge much.   (SKYPE: deep.dps)



The version I am going to publish here of ELBUSTA is exactly as it sent me.

You must free the IP in the source to use and do not forget to remove the secret commands of ELBUSTA, he is very smart!

Thanks to:
and all involved in the development of the emulator;



2019 be a better year for all of us.
Happy New Year !
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11 de enero de 2019, 12:24:36 am
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  • dofuzeiro
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Hola, alguien sabe qué problema es éste?
los mapas no se cargan, se quedan undefined:

aqui tienes el link de la image:

he utilizado adobe flash profesional cs6 para convertir el core.fla a core.swf,
es posible que éste sea el problema de que los mapas no se carguen?

muchas gracias desde ahora.