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Files Season12 IGCN - MuEmu + Código Fuente + Video Instalación
« on: 11 de Junio de 2018, 04:21:43 pm »
Files Season12 IGCN

Fix - Changelog

[GS/GSCS/DS/DB/CS/Other] [Author] [Description]
// [DI - Dudi] [DE - Drake] [W - Wizzy] [S - Supron]

11.07.2013 ( (DS
[DS] [DI] Added Queue System for packets
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixed crashes on Attribute System (hack)
[GS] [DI] Fixed Imperial Event crash
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixed MuBot disconnect issue
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixed monster kill count for new quests in party
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Added some options for DG/CS
[GS/Other] [DI] Fixed David NPC (now user cannot use ticket if has improper class (ex: RF cannot use gloves ticket)
[GS/GSCS/DS/DB] [DI] Removed old Period Item System, added New (WARNING: All period items and seals will disappear! or u must wait for converter)
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixes in Master Skill Tree (cannot add/use normal skill if u have master skill)
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixed Pet bug issue (Uniria & Dinorant)
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixed News System
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixed Berserker skill issue (Negative Mana)
[GS] [DI] Fixed DoppelGanger chest issue (they was moving ^^)
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Added check for Marry Trace if user has correct level
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixed issues with master skills bonus (like fortidude)
[GSCS] [DI] Fixed Attribute System (errtel can disappear while moving to GSCS)
[Other] Other fixes from BT
[CS] Changed Auth IP to correct
[GS/GSCS/DS/CS] Fixed IOCP crash bug on machines with 2 processors

12.06.2013 ( (DS
[Other] [DI] Fixed Lucky Items (wrong item id in config file)
[DS] [DI] Fixed VIP System (does not give VIP using card)
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixed Lucky Item System (bug with loading section for 2nd items)

10.06.2013 ( ( DS
[GS/DS] [DE] Added Monster Kill Counter
[GS] [DE] Added new options for PvP Damage rates for all classes
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Rewrited Pentagram System (fixed Trade/PShop/Disappears/Effects etc.)
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Rewrited Lucky Item System - config file added, fixed chaos mix (David NPC)
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixed Expiration Pet Items [effect stay when u are ingame and pet has expired]
[Other] [DI] Fixed Master Skill Tree Ex700 skills values (config file added)
06.05.2013 ( (DS
[GS] [DI] Fixed crash on Imperial Fort
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Added Config for Dark Side Skill
[GSCS] [DI] Fixed Castle Siege issues with guild save/load
[DS] [DI] Fixed Castle Siege packets
[DB] [DI] Fixed Castle Siege procedures (scripts included)
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixed Raklion Event DC error
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixed Exp Increase by fenrir option
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Added protection against send packets without header (may cause DC)
[DS] [DI] Fixed Friend System (not remove invitation after decline request)

04.05.2013 ( (DS
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixed deadlock/crash on MLS

02.05.2013 ( (DS
[GS] [DI] Fixed Imperial Fort Event
[GSCS] [DI] Fixed Castle Siege issues
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixed Pentagram disappear in inventory

01.05.2013 ( (DS
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixed Dark Side Skill in PvP
[GS] [DI] Fixed Medusa Spawn

30.04.2013 ( (DS

[GSCS] [DI] Crash Fixed after finish 3rd Quest
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixed Crash Bug when Key of DevilSquare Drop Rate is set to ZERO
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixed MLS AG Recovery Skill
[GS/GSCS] [DI] FIxed Elf SD Recovery Skill Calculation
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixed Old Bugs from BT
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixed Buff Duration when it was casted by Bot (now read from config file)

29.04.2013 ( (DS

[GS/GSCS] [DI] Crash bug on S5/S6/EX70X Quests Fixed
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixed Buff Effect remove effects after logout
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixed Exp decrease after death issue
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixed Cash-Shop Inventory Equipment Items (can not deactive after moving in inventory)
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixed IGCDropManager issue with -1 value for Min/Max Monster Level
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixed Reflect Damage Summoner Buff cast
[GS/GSCS] [DI] Fixed Berserker Buff casting from Bot Buffer
[GS/GSCS/DS] [DI] Fixed Warehouse Expansion Item move bug
[CS] [DI] Added UAC-requirement manifest to application

Requisitos minimos

Host: VPS / Dedicated Server
Resources: 4 GB RAM
Operating System: Windows Server 2012 (R2) x64
SQL Server: Microsoft SQL Server 12) x64

¿Cómo instalar los files?



Files S12 IGCN - MuEMU - MEGA
SQL Server 2012 R2 - Compatible
Cliente S12 IGCN - MuEMU
Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package (x64)

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Re:Files Season12 IGCN - MuEmu + Código Fuente + Video Instalación
« Respuesta #1 on: 19 de Diciembre de 2018, 10:08:17 pm »
El link de los Files no estan funcionando e me gustaria testar estos files :'(